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Open on Weekends

600 meters upstream from the hostel and at the base of Sasamekura mountain (the nearest hike from the hostel) is a beautiful cafe set on the hill overlooking the river.

The chef is Hide-san that not only makes delicious food, he is also a highly talented woodworker and wood carver.  He made all of the natural wood furniture in the cafe, the long table outside and sells sets of forks, spoons and knives that he crafts.

For lunch and dinner he makes 2 main dishes, closed Wednesdays and the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  Open from noon to 5pm.  Open later with reservation.


  • Japanese meal set with rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables ¥1000
  • Thai curry (mild) with rice and salad ¥1000
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 Both meals can come with coffee and for desert you can order one of his special shakes.

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In the summer, it's a great time to order his flavored natural shaved ice slushy.

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Here is the sign on the main road with the cafe on the hill in the back ground.