The autumn leaves season here in Nikko is in full swing.  If you've read this updated blogpost originally posted on September 29th, you would've had the heads up.  The next several photograph show the progression of change.

Nantai Tint

The view of Nantai mountain is surrounded by a yellowish tint of trees brightening.

peaks near shirane mountain.jpg

If there is anywhere in Japan that will remind you of Yosemite in California, it is this peak near Shirane Mountain.

Yunoko autumn color.jpg

An overview of of Lake Yu (Yunoko) show a beautiful collage of color and green.  The bridge in the distance is just near the top of Yu Waterfall (Yutaki).

Yunoko birds.jpg

Birds at play on Lake Yu (Yunoko) amongst the brilliant autumn leaves colors.

Lake Yu Peninsula.jpg

Autumn leaves (koyo) on the small peninsula on Lake Yu.

Lake Yu colorful trees.jpg

the autumn colors make a great frame of Lake Yu

Yu Waterfall Yutaki colors.jpg

The water from Lake Yu cascades over the edge to create Yu Waterfall at an altitude of 1450 meters about sea level at the top and 1400 meters at the bottom as the river runs through Senjogahara to Ryuzu waterfall and ultimately Lake Chuzenji.

ryuzu waterfall koyo.jpg

The colors at Ryuzu Waterfall (Dragon's Head Waterfall) are around peak color.

Ryuzu waterfall Shrine.jpg

The maple trees over the shrine at Ryuzu Waterfall create a seasonal feel.

maple koyo.jpg

Maple trees around the shrine at Ryuzu waterfall.

Lake Chuzenji autumn leaves.jpg

Lower in altitude that Lake Yu, Senjogahara and Ryuzu waterfall is Lake Chuzenji at 1200 meters above sea level.  The colors are quickly approaching and should be peaking over the next week or two, at the most.



Below is the original blogpost from September 29, 2015 >

autumn leaves nikko 2015 ryuzu waterfall

Below the bridge and downstream toward Lake Chuzenji is one of the top photogenic locations for autumn leaves.

Ryuzu waterfall autumn leaves 2015


The view from the restaurant at Ryuzu waterfall is in the first stage of color.

Ryuzu waterfall 2015 autumn leaves

The hues of the summer are fading and Senjogahara is becoming more tinted.

Senjogahara autumn leaves Nikko 2015


Halfmoon mountain (Hangetsu) has some autumn colors beginning a descent onto the peninsula.

Hangetsu Lake Chuzenji Autumn leaves 2015


It's an early start for autumn leaves this year, Nikko's trails are waiting for you.

Senjogahara boardwalk autumn leaves 2015

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